In September we told you about a very cool remote control wand that was about to go on sale. Since then, the creator of the wand offered to give Jamie a demonstration of the Kymera Magic Wand in the comfort of Jamie's own home using his own electronic equipment. Jamie was blown away by the technology and wrote up a review for MuggleNet (the full review can be accessed by clicking the "Read More..." link at the bottom of this post):
It was roughly two minutes into my interview with Chris Barnardo, mastermind of the Kymera magic wand, that we got onto the topic of Arthur C. Clarke’s third law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Chris quoted it with such passion that I knew I was about to see some sorcery in action, and before I know it, I’m turning lights off with the flick of a wand and turning up the volume on my iPod dock with a majestic twizzle. The Kymera magic wand is truly a puzzle piece of engineering. About halfway into the interview Chris laments that 300 years ago he’d have been burnt at the stake. If I’m being honest, I’m surprised he escapes that punishment today. I simply have no idea how the wand works (although he does explain it to me), but am infinitely impressed with it. The technology is clever. The wand is heavy-ish but not cumbersome, and fits comfortably in the palm. The styling is rustic, Victorian and sleek, but not overpowering. One gets the sense that this wasn’t made simply for aesthetics.


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February 26, 2006 - We find out that Evanna Lynch is a fellow MuggleNetter.

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